Bucket of Squash


These neighboring houses while walking around Potrero Hill in San Francisco.



Some pretty exciting news—I’ve been published in Uppercase magazine! Uppercase is a design magazine that’s for the “creative and curious”, and in it’s 6th year. Each issue of Uppercase focuses on a specific topic related to design such as typography, color, surface design, etc. It’s a really fun magazine that’s colorful, playful, and filled with interesting content that’s submitted from all corners of the creative community (and it has the best spine design).

A few months ago, I was asked if I wanted to contribute to Uppercase on the topic of Holi, the Indian holiday, for the magazine’s upcoming issue about color. On Friday when I got my copy of the magazine in the mail, I was thrilled (and honored) to find a whole page filled with my photos and words. Thank you, Uppercase Magazine!




I have the wonderful opportunity to work on a logo and brand refresh for a great housewares and gifts brand that I admire a lot. I met the owner at Alt Summit last year and we’ve kept in touch ever since through email and social media. Her brand is rapidly growing and she’s looking for a fresh new logo that better suits her evolving brand. We are going to keep the mark clean and simple, but bring in elements of color and cheerfulness that her products are known for.


I have some new work to share today! I was recently asked to do some work with Wanderable—a honeymoon registry that allows wedding guests to give experiences to a newlywed couple for a wedding gift. Couples can customize a registry website that lists all the honeymoon experiences that they wish to get. My job was to create 5 different customizable templates for couples to choose from. Each template has room for images, information about the couple, where they are going on their honeymoon and all the experiences the couple hopes to receive. There are 10 different color and font combinations a couple can choose from so the finished product is unique to each couple.

This was a really interesting project to work on. Making templates is really difficult because in reality you don’t have complete control over each finished product. Each couple gets to put in their own photography and mix and match the design elements I created. I had to design a system that was flexible and would look good with a variety of font, color and module options.

Making things for fun today in hopes to kickstart my brain.

I got introduced to Carte Blanche a few months ago by a friend and was instantly impressed with their mission, their dresses, and the designer and founder, Monica Noh. Carte Blanch is a womanswear brand that not only wants to bring high quality dresses to you without the markup or middle man, but they use crowd-sourcing to decide what dresses to produce, thus producing exactly what’s demanded and cutting down waste. They are currently on Kickstarter and have met their goal to complete the first run that includes 5 amazing dresses (!!!). They have 2 more days to hit their reach goal which will allow Monica to produce the some of the dresses in a variety of colors and start branching out into outerwear and accessories, so please Kickstart them today if you love the dresses and their brand mission as much as I do!

PS— I had the pleasure of designing their first lookbook. I’ll share more about that project in the future!


When in Philly, I got the chance to visit the Philadelphia Magic Gardens. This place is an incredible artistic feat by artist Isaiah Zagar. Imagine an indoor and outdoor gallery space COVERED from floor to ceiling with mosaics made out of tiles, stones, and glass. The space is a labyrinth of color and texture. I used to work with tile and mosaics in high school, so my heart was beating double time and my head was spinning with inspiration the whole time. A must see for anyone visiting Philadelphia.


Things have been a bit quieter around these parts because of a few big projects that I’ve been finishing up, but I’m looking forward to sharing a bunch of them really soon!

I spent last weekend in Philadelphia and one of the highlights of the trip was celebrating Holi, the festival of colors, at UPenn with some good friends that go to Wharton. I haven’t celebrated Holi since I was a kid and visiting family in India, and I forgot how much FUN this holiday is. Imagine a field filled with people wearing white, running around, throwing colored powder in every color imaginable on each other. It’s messy, colorful, and we laughed until our stomachs hurt. At the end, we had color ALL over ourselves—in our hair, on our faces, and on every inch of exposed skin. The powder is non toxic and the kind we used actually washed out very quickly and amazingly well, so there were no issues with the color staining anything.

The people going all out also had water guns and hoses, but I preferred playing with the dry color because it’s not quite warm enough yet to get wet. Some of the Wharton students who had kids brought them and the kids looked like they were having the time of their lives. I saw some kid laughing so hard while he was throwing color on his own head that I thought he was going to explode. It was adorable.

Holi makes for some awesome photography, too (we took these photos really quickly with my iPhone wrapped in a plastic bag). I especially love the color dust and puffs of smoke that you get from throwing the powder around.


I spent a lovely (rainy) day in San Francisco last week. Highlights included visiting Heath Ceramics, shopping at  Maker & Moss, browsing at the treasure trove that is Stuff, drinks at Trick Dog, and dinner at Lolo.

It goes without saying how inspiring of a place Heath Ceramics is, but I think I realized what I love most about their collections. They nail the use of color. Just about every hue they use is perfection. I would happily take any of their pieces in any color that it came in. I’ve never been a big fan of lavender, but one of the colors in their new Spring line is a beautiful shade of lavender and as soon as I saw it in the store, I wanted lavender cups.



I wanted to share a quick and fun little project I worked on last year. The Salonniere’s Apartments (great name, huh?) is the personal blog of Marilyn Chin. She wanted something clean, sophisticated and that had a hint of Parisian romance in it. Marilyn blogs about food, travel, books, and creativity. She splits up her content in a really fun way— each section are “rooms” that you can discover. There’s a gym, a boudoir, a kitchen, and even a reading & writing room.

The photos I used for my design mockups are from Death to the Stock Photo