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Bangles & Bungalows Rejected Logos

I’ve been working on this rebrand and redesign for a while now (based off of this mood board) and wanted to share the rejected logo options. I really love the final logo we settled on (it was my personal favorite as well as the client’s) and the strong visual brand that we formed. As I’m sure you can gather, we want the logo and brand to feel sophisticated, glamorous and evoke the feeling of jewels and radiance. I’ll be moving on to the web design portion of the project soon and I’m looking forward to sharing everything once the project is finished, but here is a preview of one of the alternate marks.


  1. victoria | vmac+cheese says: March 6, 201411:14 am

    All wonderful — if these were the rejects, can’t wait to see the chosen one!

    • Rashi says: March 13, 201412:17 pm

      Thanks Victoria! I love when the final one chosen by the client is also my personal favorite

  2. Linnea says: March 12, 20143:29 pm

    Each of these is just so lovely. I’m amazed at how you were able to create so many distinctly different logos… they don’t seem like they are just variations of each other. Gorgeous work Rashi!

    • Rashi says: March 13, 201412:18 pm

      Thanks, Linnea!

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