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Business Cards

Designers and other creatives are known to take their business cards pretty seriously. These days, those cards don’t serve as much of a practical purpose as they do a marketing one. I view business cards as an extension of my brand and an extension of me, as a creative. When I hand these out, it’s more ‘this is a creative expression of myself’ rather than “you’ll need this to remember my phone number.”


These cards were gifts for me and designed by the talented Nick Soni. They were assembled completely by hand and represent my brand well– they have a handmade/crafty touch while still being graphic and clean. They are made out of chipboard with slightly rough edges, two stamps (a name stamp for the front and a stamp with my info for the back), and a piece of the ever-so-popular and versatile Washi Tape. My favorite detail on the cards is the ink border on the bottom that was created by the stamps themselves. They look especially good when stacked together.

The best part about these cards is that they are completely customizable to my liking. As long as I have the stamps, I can change the paper they are stamped on, the color of the ink, and the Washi Tape. In the next iteration of these cards, I want to incorporate metallic and neon colored tape with turquoise ink.


  1. Wishy Washi Tape says: September 20, 20128:15 am

    These are very cool! We are thinking about doing some of our own! How did you do the border?

  2. admin says: September 20, 20123:05 pm

    @wishy washy tape thanks! The border was a part of the stamp. And the thin edge was just pressed directly onto the stamp pad.

  3. ali ansary says: September 25, 20128:05 pm

    Nick Soni is absolutely talented.

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