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I’m currently digging these web designs. I know a lot of web design is getting flatter, simpler, and becoming more templatized, but my favorite sites and the work that delights me the most tends to be web design that has print design-like sensibilities. I think pieces of any of the 3 designs above would make kick ass posters or postcards. It’s a sign of a really great identity and brand when the design elements can have such a strong presence in all mediums.

Latexx / Ears / Another Pony


I’ve been working on a lot more patterns and prints that start with paint and then make their way onto the computer. There’s an organic element that I can achieve with paints and paper that I have a really hard time achieving by just using the computer. Some people can get the same effects with Photoshop and are great at it, but I end up getting more frustrated when I take that route.

Enjoy this new wallpaper created using paint, a scanner, fabric and finally—Photoshop to bring everything together. I couldn’t decide if I liked the light or the dark version better, so I’ll just share both!


1280 x 800  •  1440 x 900  •  1680 x 1050  •  1920 x 1200  •  2560 x 1440  •  iPhone5  •  iPad

1280 x 800  •  1440 x 900  •  1680 x 1050  •  1920 x 1200  •  2560 x 1440  •  iPhone5  •  iPad


I love Quora. The weekly digest email they send out is probably my favorite email I get all week. That baby is chock-full of all sorts of random information and knowledge. In it are fascinating questions being answered about travel, love, work, health— you name it. This recent-ish answer by David Cole to the question ‘What are techniques for overcoming designer’s block’ is something I found especially relevant.


My first moodboard of 2014! This one is all about sophistication and glamour. The client wants to position her fashion and decor brand so it has the potential to grow into a formidable voice in the style community. She has a great point of view and a strong sense of style, so now the challenge is to get the visual aspects of the brand to match that. This is going to be a fun one.





I’m hoping to incorporate more nature inspired details and motifs in my work this year so I tried to use my recent 2.5 week break from the computer and limited internet to get creatively inspired by my surroundings, and not the things that were trending on the internet, blogs, or Pinterest. This is normally harder to do when the internet is so accessible, so I welcomed the opportunity of being truly offline for a long period of time. I’d love to say that I’m constantly inspired by my environment but the reality is that 8 hours a day, my environment is my glowing computer screen and there are times I rely on it far more than I’d like to admit. I’m willing to bet that I’m not alone here (hopefully??). I’m still trying to incorporate taking walks outside into my day, but so far that’s not going so well…

It’s amazing how heightened my awareness became to the natural beauty around me and how much inspiration I started finding in the most macro details of my environment. This set of photographs I took are close-ups of different natural settings in Chile. But it really doesn’t matter that these were taken in Chile—I want these photographs to be about the texture and details found in nature and stripped from their context.



I love this branding for the Canadian Ski Museum by Eliane Cadieux. The colors, use of diamonds, and typography have won me over. But the kicker? Check out that awesome envelope liner! What a subtle and unexpected way to add a little extra to the branding.


I just finished up some branding work for a photographer that I’m super excited to share today. It’s the result of this mood board I posted on here a while back.

Alexandra Wurlitzer was inspired to start a professional photography business after the birth of her baby boy. She espeically loves shooting baby, kid, and family photos and she came to me for a logo and branding for her new business. Alexandra has a quirky and playful sense of style that she wanted reflected in the branding. I tried to achieve that with a script mark sitting inside of a slightly warped circle, with a soft and rounded typeface. I also leveraged her initials “AW” to read as “aw…” because of all the adorable photos that she takes. For the color palette we settled on a soft green and a bright yellow. When I built out the rest of her brand, I continued to use the imperfect circle as an accent and in patterns.

This is definitely one of the more playful brands I’ve gotten the chance to work with and it was a really interesting experience. A great lesson in working outside of your natural style!

RoAndCo Studio is multidisciplinary design studio that does print, art direction and web design for fashion and lifestyle brands. I absolutely adore all their work. It’s refined, elegant and quirky. I would LOVE to work or collaborate with them one day!


I’m working on a new site design for a blogger from Australia. I’m so excited to get the chance to work with someone who lives so far away and has such a unique blogging and creative perspective. I love her style, and the color palette she wants to work with is right up my alley. This client loves Rococo, Paris, and everything feminine, but she’s also got this really strong sensibility about her. I love the idea of being strong woman, but elegant and romantic at the same time. More on this project soon!

We had out first snow today (but it didn’t stick). I guess winter is here? I have a feeling we are in for a rough one this year. Fingers crossed that I’m wrong!



My friend  Jen was kind enough to share this amazing resource yesterday by the Biodiversity Heritage Library. It’s the library’s Flickr account that has thousands of incredible vintage images. There are images of plants, flowers, animals, shells, insects—a whole cornucopia of biodiversity. You can even download the hi-res images. I haven’t done a project using vintage elements since this wedding invitation I did a few years ago. Back then, I remember going to the book store and getting a vintage book about birds and scanning everything in! When I saw this amazing resource, I immediately starting playing with the images and made this collage. It seemed like the perfect desktop background to share so, voilá! Have a great weekend!



1280 x 800  •  1440 x 900  •  1680 x 1050  •  1920 x 1200  •  2560 x 1440