Bucket of Squash


I got introduced to Carte Blanche a few months ago by a friend and was instantly impressed with their mission, their dresses, and the designer and founder, Monica Noh. Carte Blanch is a womanswear brand that not only wants to bring high quality dresses to you without the markup or middle man, but they use crowd-sourcing to decide what dresses to produce, thus producing exactly what’s demanded and cutting down waste. They are currently on Kickstarter and have met their goal to complete the first run that includes 5 amazing dresses (!!!). They have 2 more days to hit their reach goal which will allow Monica to produce the some of the dresses in a variety of colors and start branching out into outerwear and accessories, so please Kickstart them today if you love the dresses and their brand mission as much as I do!

PS— I had the pleasure of designing their first lookbook. I’ll share more about that project in the future!


I recently look a marbling class with Ilana Kohn (which I’m completely obsessed with, by the way) and her name sounded so familiar but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I realized she designs and owns her own awesome fashion line that I had seen floating around the internets before. I’m really digging her jumpsuits and dresses. And those black and white pants look so incredibly comfortable. Spring just can’t come soon enough!



I’ve seen some links and info about Hackwith Design House around the internet lately, but only recently have I gotten a chance to explore the collection and I love it! The clothes have simple and modern silhouettes, but the fabric has a wonderful organic element to it and looks rich and luxurious. The black Cocoon Dress is to die for. They only create 25 or less of each piece, so a lot of the pieces I love are sold out. I definitely have my eye on this brand for future shopping splurges.


I’m looking to buy a pair of Oxfords or Loafers (maybe both?) this year to add to my shoe collection. Both styles of shoes have a a masculine feel but with the perfect feminine twist. They are great shoes to wear in the fall with a pair of skinny jeans or under a short dress and blazer. Here are the ones I have my eyes on!

1. Patent Blucher, $89.90 / 2. Sydney in Camel, $58.00 / 3. Bobbie Oxford in Patent, $165.00 / 4. Frye Dalia Penny, $159.99 / 5. Aldo Tatiana , $110.00 / 6. Frye James Wing-Tip Oxford, $198.00 / 7. Tess Brogue, Miista, $153.00


Studio Fludd is a creative collective based in Venice, Italy that just released some new work. Their focus is heavy on the creative process and the materials they use. They work across different mediums, but I especially love their photography and jewelry (which is all handmade). They have a great sense of color and tone that permeates throughout their work. I own a few of their pins and can vouch that they are beautiful and well made. Take a looksie at their lookbook.


For the past 6 or so years, one of my favorite stores to shop at has been Aritzia. Aritzia, originally from Canada, houses a few different boutique brands. Interestingly enough, the first time I discovered Aritzia wasn’t in fashion forward New York or Los Angeles, but in a good ole’ mall in suburban Santa Clara, California. At the time, I think their only two US locations were in Orange County and Santa Clara. Why they chose Valley Fair Mall to have their US debut is beyond me, though I like to tell myself that they were there waiting for the Birla sisters to find them. Aritzia just opened a huge flagship store in New York this year and I couldn’t be more stoked. Here are some of my favorite looks from their Fall 2012 collection, by brand.



I think fall is my favorite season to dress for. I get to layer clothes, but it doesn’t have to be practical layering because it’s not that cold yet. I’d live in some variation of this outfit all fall if I could. I also love the look of heels and socks so I’m pretending this girl has some version of heels and socks on her feet. Ankle boots will also do.

Photos via the road well travelled and Burberry