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Central Park + VSCO Film


Nick got a few sets of VSCO Film and I finally got to try it out with some photos we took in Central Park a few weeks ago. I’ve been using Lightroom for the past year for photo editing but VSCO Film + Lightroom = Mind Blown.


  1. Liz says: February 26, 20144:09 pm

    Lovely! I’m so intimidated by Lightroom. I want to try out the VSCO packs for PS!

    • Rashi says: February 27, 201410:03 am

      Oh Lightroom is great, it only looks intimidating :) I watched a few videos on how to understand the workspace and then it was easy from there! I’ve heard good things about VSCO for Photoshop, too though.

  2. Kelly Brito says: February 26, 20147:46 pm

    In 10 years of NYC, I’ve never been to Central Park during the Winter. Only season I tend to stay away from it. But it is very lovely, even covered in snow. Perhaps next winter, if it is not so cold (this one was a little too cold). :)
    Lovely photos!

    • Rashi says: February 27, 201410:06 am

      Really? Oh you must go! Although… it was freezing so maybe not. We really couldn’t stay long because the snow was getting in our shoes.

  3. Joy says: February 26, 20149:00 pm

    These look pretty great. Love VSCO!

    • Rashi says: February 27, 201410:07 am

      Thank you, Joy!

  4. Angel Y. says: February 27, 20143:06 am

    I’m loving these shots. They look great! I had VSCO for Lightroom before having it for my phone. I was so jealous of those people who could edit pictures from their phone because it’s such an amazing tool.

    • Rashi says: February 27, 201410:07 am

      Oh interesting! It was probably super easy for you to use it on your phone after you mastered it in Lightroom.

  5. Chelsea says: February 27, 201411:26 pm

    Love, love, love Lightroom! And I got given VSCO presets for Christmas and they’re SO good to use! Very pretty photos – the place looks so deserted, but still beautiful.

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