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I’m currently digging these web designs. I know a lot of web design is getting flatter, simpler, and becoming more templatized, but my favorite sites and the work that delights me the most tends to be web design that has print design-like sensibilities. I think pieces of any of the 3 designs above would make kick ass posters or postcards. It’s a sign of a really great identity and brand when the design elements can have such a strong presence in all mediums.

Latexx / Ears / Another Pony


  1. Kelsey @ Pinegate Road says: February 5, 20148:50 am

    Ooh, what lovely inspiration! I’d never thought of it in the sense of being like print design — but this is the style that I am always drawn to as well. Great observation :)

  2. Kate says: February 5, 201410:24 am

    I completely agree regarding the print qualities found in web work. That Ears on Music page is to die for. Beautiful colors and type–I would frame that and hang it on a wall in my apartment. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

    • Rashi says: February 5, 20143:16 pm

      The colors on the Ears on Music page are amazing, huh? I made color swatches for that color combination as soon as I saw it. Hopefully I can use it in the near future!

  3. Kelly Brito says: February 5, 20141:35 pm

    I like all these designs. But that Latexx is so cool! I think it is the usage of that awesome bold blue. So daring and different.

    • Rashi says: February 5, 20143:17 pm

      I love the use of BW and blue on the Latexx one! One of my favorite parts on that one is the footer, I think.

  4. Vanessa says: February 5, 20142:04 pm

    These are some really great finds. I love the unique text treatments and shapes used in Another Pony. So good.

    • Rashi says: February 5, 20143:18 pm

      Totally— I love how that one is minimal but still manages to be really interesting.

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