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Erica Weiner Jewelry


After admiring from a far, I finally got my hands on some Erica Weiner Jewelry (thanks to a Refinery 29 deal I bought a while ago, forgot about, and then found again sitting in my inbox—hello Christmas in the summer!) I went to visit her store in Nolita and fell in love. This lady has some serious talent for finding vintage charms and chains, and bringing them back to life. Everything in the store is unique and oozing with personality. I got myself three necklaces to layer on top of each other, with my favorite piece probably being the NYC Subway token necklace. Her collection is filled with jewelry at every price point. She has tons of stuff for under $200, a collection of antique jewelry, and then a fine jewelry collection as well. If you don’t live in Manhattan or Brooklyn, you can visit her online store and buy her amazing pieces from there.


*This is not a sponsored post of any kind. I just really like Erica Weiner’s jewelry. And the necklaces hanging off my desk plant make for a pretty photo. 


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