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Facades of New York

I’ve noticed how much I enjoy photographing facades of buildings. There’s so much diversity in them—loads of fun colors and details, too. I recommend Ulysses’ for a beer, Miss Lily’s for brunch, Jeffery’s Grocery for happy hour, and Gia’s Garden Jewels for a slice of East Village local flavor.

All photos from Instagram


  1. Archana | My SoCal'd Life says: March 20, 201412:41 pm

    I love these photos! When I lived in New York, I’d always go door-spotting. Some buildings have the coolest doors—brightly colored, regal, gilded—and they always made for good eye candy during walks.

    • Rashi says: March 21, 201410:51 am

      Totally! It makes walking even more enjoyable :)

  2. Angel Y says: March 20, 20143:57 pm

    New York is full of gorgeous facades! We definitely try to recreate that where I currently live but nothing is as good as the original thing. These photos are wonderful!

    • Rashi says: March 21, 201410:52 am

      Thank you, Angel! I’m sure Florida facades have a charm of their own, though! I’m imagining some beautiful, beach colors.

  3. Links I Love: 3.28.14 | Studio 404 says: March 28, 201410:00 am

    [...] shared some beautiful facades in New York via her blog last week. I really love the look of the buildings in places like New York. There are [...]

  4. Anar says: March 28, 20149:23 pm

    These are beautiful pics! If you haven’t already, you should check out Bill Cunningham’s exhibit at NY Historical Museum (https://www.nyhistory.org/exhibitions/bill-cunningham-facades) – it’s supposed to be awesome. Ah NY! :)

    • Rashi says: March 31, 201412:56 am

      Thanks Anar! Oh, this exhibit looks awesome— I definitely bookmarked it. And all these amazing facades can also be a part of your backyard if you so choose ;) ;) ;)

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