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Future Travel: Bolivian Salt Flats


Salar De Uyuni are the biggest salt flats in the world and are in Bolivia. I’m really hoping this goes from the “Future Travel” column to the “Traveled” column by the end of this year. I’m going on the trip of a lifetime to Chile this winter (!!!) and I’m really hoping we’ll be able to swing through Bolivia to see these salt flats.

When I first saw photos of Salar De Uyuni, I thought all that white stuff was snow, but it’s all salt! During the rainy season, a thin layer of water forms on top of the salt and the result is an unreal reflection of the sky. It looks like people are walking on water, doesn’t it? I can’t get over how otherworldly and ethereal this place looks. People come from all over the world just to photograph this insanely vast and untouched landscape.  My mind goes crazy when I think about the photos I could take at Salar De Uyuni. Fingers crossed that we make it there!


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  1. tana says: November 15, 20131:18 pm

    Oh this is definitely one of my top travel destinations for the longest time. It’s so surreal and at first, I thought it was snow too! Hope you get to travel through here, that would be amazing!! Are you also visiting Patagonia?

    • Rashi says: November 15, 20133:41 pm

      Thanks Tana! We are trying to figure out the details of the trip right now, but Chile is such a big country I think it’s going to be hard to visit the North (where the beautiful Atacama Desert is and how we would get to the salt flats) and also the South (Patagonia). Ah!! Going to try to fit in as much as possible!

  2. Alex says: November 15, 20131:32 pm

    unbelievable!!! I hope you make it there!!

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