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Getting Rid of Busy

You all read this article about the ‘Busy Trap’ that came out a while ago, right? Well, this year I’ve been consciously trying to get rid of the word ‘busy’ from my vocabulary. When someone asks me how work or life is, I really try my hardest not to say ‘busy’ anymore. Let’s be honest, everyone is busy. And no one is so busy 24/7 that they don’t have time to catch up on Netflix, take a Buzzfeed quiz every so often or obsessively follow all the updates for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight (I can’t help it… I’ve become obsessed. It’s such a sad and intriguing story).

My endeavor to not use the word busy has been going ok, but the problem is, sometimes the words I end up using are just as banal and not descriptive at all. “It’s been going ‘good’, ‘awesome’, ‘great’, ‘ok’, ‘terribly’”… I need better ways of answering the question of how things are going. But then again, are people actually asking me because they want me to give them a descriptive answer or just because it’s the polite, obvious thing to ask anyone in a conversation and they just want a one word answer? Nonetheless, “busy”—be gone!


  1. Jen says: March 18, 201410:21 am


  2. Gandhali says: March 20, 20147:25 pm

    Love it!

    Often times, I get caught up in the same situation—and end up using words like “fine”, “good”, “great” (and sometimes “spectacular”!), unsure if the other person is really concerned or not :-) But it’s also taught me to be more genuine when asking others how they are feeling.

    • Rashi says: March 21, 201410:53 am

      Yea, exactly! It really makes you think when you are on the other side and asking someone else how they are feeling. I find myself wondering if I’m asking to really ask or if I’m asking as something to just say.

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