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I Like The Way You Move


I hope you guys had a great weekend. My weekend consisted of a little of this, a little of that. Some work, some fun in the sun, a little drinking on a boat, and it ended with a pint of ice cream, cookies and watching the Warriors in the NBA playoffs—no complaints here.

These days, I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to capture movement when I take photos. I spent a long time fiddling with settings on my camera while trying to capture the movement of the falling petals when I was visiting the cherry blossoms. Did I want the blossoms to create a streak of movement or did I want them to look like they were suspended in air and in time? I’m not sure I really accomplished either, but it definitely flexed my photography muscles (whatever photography muscles I have).

I started doing some research on movement in photography, and the photos above stood out to me. I love how the fabric moves like water, the water feels wispy and the dust off the elephant looks like time stood still for just a moment. Beautiful stuff. Have a fantastic Monday!



*Anyone know the source of the waterfall image?


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