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Inspired by Natural Textures


I’m hoping to incorporate more nature inspired details and motifs in my work this year so I tried to use my recent 2.5 week break from the computer and limited internet to get creatively inspired by my surroundings, and not the things that were trending on the internet, blogs, or Pinterest. This is normally harder to do when the internet is so accessible, so I welcomed the opportunity of being truly offline for a long period of time. I’d love to say that I’m constantly inspired by my environment but the reality is that 8 hours a day, my environment is my glowing computer screen and there are times I rely on it far more than I’d like to admit. I’m willing to bet that I’m not alone here (hopefully??). I’m still trying to incorporate taking walks outside into my day, but so far that’s not going so well…

It’s amazing how heightened my awareness became to the natural beauty around me and how much inspiration I started finding in the most macro details of my environment. This set of photographs I took are close-ups of different natural settings in Chile. But it really doesn’t matter that these were taken in Chile—I want these photographs to be about the texture and details found in nature and stripped from their context.



  1. Kelly Brito says: January 8, 201411:58 am

    Oh, great textures! In these 5ºF or less cold days, these beauties are so welcome! :) Makes me think of the beach and warmer places…

    • Rashi says: January 9, 20143:09 pm

      Thanks, Kelly!

  2. Angel Y. says: January 8, 20143:00 pm

    Fantastic! I really enjoy seeing the topography and landscapes of other countries. It’s great that you know what drives your design work and what helps you create!

    • Rashi says: January 9, 20143:09 pm

      Now let’s hope something creative actually comes out of this inspiration :)

  3. Nathaniel says: January 11, 20144:20 pm

    These are really cool. Very raw.
    While it’s irrelevant, I’m glad you said they were from Chile, because that was seriously bugging me!

    • Rashi says: January 13, 201411:09 am

      Haha, glad it helped to know where the photos were taken!

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