Bucket of Squash

Inspired by: Nicole Franzen


I can’t get enough of Nicole Franzen’s photography. Nicole Franzen is a Brooklyn-based food and lifestyle photographer and her photography is stunning. There is so much depth and richness in every photo she takes. I also love the saturation and textures she brings out.  I found myself clicking through every single one of her photos on her website. She also has an awesome Tumblr that I’m a big big fan of. Enjoy!


  1. Angel Y. says: February 27, 20131:56 pm

    Such gorgeous photos! I love the richness to her photos, as you stated. It’s much appreciated in this style of retro photography. Nicole’s photos almost have an earthy feel to them. Thank you for sharing!

    • Rashi says: February 28, 20133:35 pm

      I love that you used “earthy” to describe the photos. That word never came to my mind before but I think it’s a perfect description.

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