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Out of all the social media out there, I’d say Instagram is probably my favorite. If I had to kill off all the different social media one by one, Instagram would be the last one to go. There is some serious talent on Instagram and I love discovering new people to follow on there. The following three feeds are my newest discoveries:

1. kimhaggstrom: A feed filled with nature and snippets of life in the Pacific Northwest. Kim’s photos have a wonderful moodiness and utilize negative space wonderfully.

2. yasminemei:  Yasmine is a floral designer whose Instagram feed shows off her beautiful work. These photos always make me smile. I can look at beautiful photos of flowers for days.

3. canarygrey: Wing Ta is a photographer by profession, so there is no doubt that her Instagram feed is amazing. She has a great eye and I love that her entire feed is really cohesive and speaks the same visual language. She uses great composition, lighting, and her photos have an incredible brightness to them.





  1. Archana | my SoCal'd life says: July 31, 20132:34 pm

    These are beautiful picks. I think it’s so cool to see how consistent your style is — from your blog to your photos to your design style and even to the type of photographers/designers you follow. Love it!

    • Rashi says: August 1, 20139:25 am

      Arn’t those feeds awesome? It’s funny… if you asked me last year, I’d say I didn’t really know what my style was. I think blogging and designing for myself everyday really helped me define what my style is. Come to think of it, sometimes I still don’t think I have a style, but I’m glad it comes across to you!

  2. Patti says: August 1, 20138:38 pm

    These are great pics! thanks for sharing.

    • Rashi says: August 2, 201311:56 am

      Thanks Patti!

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