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When I was in Santiago, I went to go see one of Pablo Neruda’s houses, La Chascona. The place was amazing. He loved art, the ocean, architecture, collecting odds and ends, and being inspired by his surroundings. He was friends with artists, writers, politicians and a lot of really interesting people. Entertaining his interesting friends was his M.O. and he even had 2 entirely separate bars in his house—is that brilliant or what? He believed that to do interesting work, one needed to be surrounded by interesting people and interesting things. His house is filled with his shell, glass and furniture collections, works of art from his famous artist friends, and tokens from each of the places he has visited throughout his life. Truly a labor of love.

The idea of surrounding yourself with interesting people and things really resonated with me throughout the trip. I thought about how the objects and people we surround ourselves with effect our everyday and creatives lives. While I’m all for the home goods, furniture and trinkets that we get from the stores that we tend to frequent, I dream of one day having a house that’s filled with objects from my travels, objects that have a story, and special objects given to me by my friends. I want my home to be a place that inspires conversation, thought, and interesting creative work. I know it’s a no brainer that most people tend to surround themselves with things they like and things that have meaning, but I want to start doing it with more intention. My favorite things from Chile are probably the rocks I picked up (for free) that came from each of the different hikes that we took. And the ceramic pig because he’s making the McKayla face— he’s irresistible.



  1. Jen says: February 13, 20143:04 pm

    Great collection Rashi! And completely agree, it really changes your perspective when you’re surrounded by people who are interesting and push you to think about things differently :)

    • Rashi says: February 14, 201410:51 am

      Thanks, Jen! Totally! Now I just have to make some famous artist friends… ;)

  2. Liz says: February 13, 201410:33 pm

    Oh my word I LOVE Pablo Neruda! He is my favorite poet. I’m so jelly you got to visit one of his homes. Great photos!

    • Rashi says: February 14, 201410:51 am

      I hadn’t read too much of his stuff before I went to Chile, but now I’m pretty obsessed with his stuff. What a talent, huh?

  3. Diana says: February 14, 201410:48 am

    Beautiful photos! And I love the idea that surrounding yourself with interesting things and people breeds interesting work. Definitely going to have to think about how to put that into action…or use it to justify my obsession with working in new coffee shops? :)

    • Rashi says: February 14, 201410:52 am

      Thank you, Diana! I think working in new coffee shops is totally justified— it’s all about putting yourself in a surrounding that inspires you and pushes you!

  4. Sarah says: February 14, 20142:22 pm

    Beautiful items! Filling a home with unique items from around the world..I like the way you think. I love the idea of every item having meaning and a story behind it. Particularly the ones that involves travel or friends. I think it would make a home all the more special.

    • Rashi says: February 16, 201411:10 pm

      Thanks, Sarah! I think it’s a great way to relive past memories, huh?

  5. Tana says: February 14, 20148:09 pm

    Love the styling of these photos, Rashi! As for the pig, were you referencing to “McKayla is not impressed” face?! if so, LOL, that’s hilarious!! Totally with you on collecting and curating pieces with intention — it kind of simultaneously makes all the pieces from different places come together cohesively. Love reading Pablo Neruda’s poems in Spanish. Though I’m not as fluent, they still seem so much more intense. So awesome you got to see his place! Those blue walls are definitely something.

    • Rashi says: February 16, 201411:12 pm

      Thanks, Tana—that means a lot coming from you! And yea, I was totally referring to the ‘McKayla is not impressed’ face! My Spanish is terrible, so I read Neruda’s poems in English but I’m sure they are even more beautiful in Spanish.

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