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Kickstart Carte Blanche

I got introduced to Carte Blanche a few months ago by a friend and was instantly impressed with their mission, their dresses, and the designer and founder, Monica Noh. Carte Blanch is a womanswear brand that not only wants to bring high quality dresses to you without the markup or middle man, but they use crowd-sourcing to decide what dresses to produce, thus producing exactly what’s demanded and cutting down waste. They are currently on Kickstarter and have met their goal to complete the first run that includes 5 amazing dresses (!!!). They have 2 more days to hit their reach goal which will allow Monica to produce the some of the dresses in a variety of colors and start branching out into outerwear and accessories, so please Kickstart them today if you love the dresses and their brand mission as much as I do!

PS— I had the pleasure of designing their first lookbook. I’ll share more about that project in the future!


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