Bucket of Squash

Lesson Learned Vol 5— Enthusiasm


One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt while working for myself in 2013, is that enthusiasm is pretty powerful. Enthusiasm makes it easier to get up in the morning, gets you through the day, and makes it easier to get through rough times.

Throughout this year when I look back at the people I met who I found myself most drawn to, all these people share the characteristic of being infectiously enthusiastic. The people who I found myself respecting, were not only talented, but really enthusiastic about their work, their inspirations, and sharing knowledge. Talking and hanging out with them would start making me feel like I could do anything—the sky is the limit! I became aware of my own levels of enthusiasm and how good it feels to share it with other like minded people. I’m not talking about trying to be sickeningly sweet Miss Suzy Sunshine all the time, but being someone who finds their work and life energizing and who wants to share that energy. Being surrounded by and giving off positive energy is pretty transformative.




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