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Maiyet is a luxury brand based out of New York that sells well designed and high quality items that are made around the world (Bolivia, India, New York, Italy, Kenya, to name a few). I was on their site yesterday and noticed their seasonal campaigns. These photos are from their Spring 2013 campaign and the photography is amazing—I’m in love with every photo. The rest of their campaigns are equally stunning as well.


  1. kelly ann says: September 12, 20135:53 pm

    Ummm, totally falling in love with your blog over here. So much goodness!

    • Rashi says: September 12, 20139:29 pm

      Thanks so much Kelly Ann! Glad you’re enjoying it—thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Elizabeth says: September 20, 201312:59 am

    I just ran into Maiyet while researching sustainable brands for some posts. Beautiful clothes! Thanks for calling out their beautiful photos as well.

    • Rashi says: September 20, 20133:19 pm

      Oh I didn’t know they were a sustainable brand- good to know!

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