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Moodboard(s): Clean, Modern, and Classic Sisters with Feminine Whimsy






I’m stoked to be sharing these new moodboards with you today. The client I’m working for needs a website and a blog, and describes her style as ‘clean, modern, and classic with a touch of feminine whimsy’. Think Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I want the blog and the website to look like they are part of the same brand, but also have their own identities. Think sisters, but not twins. I imagine the website to be the older sister— a little more refined with a touch of feminine whimsy. I imagine the blog to be the younger sister— a little more fun with a lot of feminine whimsy. Both sisters still need to feel classic, modern and clean. Achieving two moodboards that felt close but not completely close was a really interesting exercise. I really needed to edit myself and be very cognizant of every image I was including in the mood board.


  1. Angel Y. says: March 6, 20133:31 pm

    This is a great approach to your client’s needs. I love the idea of having sister sites which separate personalities within the same brand. I love both moodboards but the first is definitely my favorite. I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of this project. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Addie says: March 7, 201312:36 am

    i am OBSESSED with this mood board!!!

    • Rashi says: March 7, 201311:45 am

      Thanks Miss Addie—Hope wedding planning is going well xo!

  3. New Work: Lauren M. Hughes | says: June 27, 201310:14 am

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