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New Work: The Salonnieres Apartments



I wanted to share a quick and fun little project I worked on last year. The Salonniere’s Apartments (great name, huh?) is the personal blog of Marilyn Chin. She wanted something clean, sophisticated and that had a hint of Parisian romance in it. Marilyn blogs about food, travel, books, and creativity. She splits up her content in a really fun way— each section are “rooms” that you can discover. There’s a gym, a boudoir, a kitchen, and even a reading & writing room.

The photos I used for my design mockups are from Death to the Stock Photo


  1. Patti says: March 31, 20149:44 pm

    Beautiful! Love how clean it is and the details in the side bar. Death to Stock photo is such a great resource. xx – P

  2. victoria | vmac+cheese says: April 11, 20149:55 am

    THANK YOU for sharing Death to Stock Photos!! I just signed up and can’t wait to get the next monthly pack! Amazing resource.

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