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New Work: Wanderable


I have some new work to share today! I was recently asked to do some work with Wanderable—a honeymoon registry that allows wedding guests to give experiences to a newlywed couple for a wedding gift. Couples can customize a registry website that lists all the honeymoon experiences that they wish to get. My job was to create 5 different customizable templates for couples to choose from. Each template has room for images, information about the couple, where they are going on their honeymoon and all the experiences the couple hopes to receive. There are 10 different color and font combinations a couple can choose from so the finished product is unique to each couple.

This was a really interesting project to work on. Making templates is really difficult because in reality you don’t have complete control over each finished product. Each couple gets to put in their own photography and mix and match the design elements I created. I had to design a system that was flexible and would look good with a variety of font, color and module options.


  1. Angel Y, says: June 20, 201411:17 am

    I really love this! The borders and type choice are wonderful! Such a nice project. Thanks for sharing Rashi!

    • Rashi says: June 26, 20141:14 pm

      Thank you, Angel!! Hope you have been doing well :)

  2. Archana | My SoCal'd Life says: June 23, 201412:44 pm

    Beautiful! You’re so friggin’ talented, Rashi.

    • Rashi says: June 26, 20141:14 pm

      Thank you, Archana! Hope you have been well :)

  3. Kaitlyn says: June 23, 20145:26 pm

    WOW!! These are seriously amazing. I wouldn’t even know which one to pick! you are crazy talented. Great work!

    • Rashi says: June 26, 20141:15 pm

      Thank you, Kaitlyn! Thanks for stopping by!

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