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Last year I worked on a rebrand and website redesign for writer Lauren M. Hughes. I also made business cards for her at the time, but I finally got around to photographing them and wanted to share them. The cards were printed on a double thick black card stock and utilized white screen printing and gold foil. They were impeccably printed by the wonderful Mama’s Sauce. This was my second time working with these guys and they truly are the best.





My first custom wedding invitations for 2014! The couple wanted to use a really deep forest green, which I thought was awesome because apparently, not many people choose forest green for their weddings (This wasn’t something I knew before—the lady at the paper store told me that)

They wanted the invitation to look really elegant, understated but also glamorous so we screen printed gold on the green paper stock, and the white cards were done with green and gold letterpress. The floral patterned envelope liners completed the entire look. I realized during this project how much envelope liners can elevate an entire card suite.

I’ve noticed how much I enjoy photographing facades of buildings. There’s so much diversity in them—loads of fun colors and details, too. I recommend Ulysses’ for a beer, Miss Lily’s for brunch, Jeffery’s Grocery for happy hour, and Gia’s Garden Jewels for a slice of East Village local flavor.

All photos from Instagram

You all read this article about the ‘Busy Trap’ that came out a while ago, right? Well, this year I’ve been consciously trying to get rid of the word ‘busy’ from my vocabulary. When someone asks me how work or life is, I really try my hardest not to say ‘busy’ anymore. Let’s be honest, everyone is busy. And no one is so busy 24/7 that they don’t have time to catch up on Netflix, take a Buzzfeed quiz every so often or obsessively follow all the updates for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight (I can’t help it… I’ve become obsessed. It’s such a sad and intriguing story).

My endeavor to not use the word busy has been going ok, but the problem is, sometimes the words I end up using are just as banal and not descriptive at all. “It’s been going ‘good’, ‘awesome’, ‘great’, ‘ok’, ‘terribly’”… I need better ways of answering the question of how things are going. But then again, are people actually asking me because they want me to give them a descriptive answer or just because it’s the polite, obvious thing to ask anyone in a conversation and they just want a one word answer? Nonetheless, “busy”—be gone!


Check out these wonderful prints by Inka Järvinen. I love the play between the organic and the linear—these prints make that juxtaposition look effortless!

I’ve been working on this rebrand and redesign for a while now (based off of this mood board) and wanted to share the rejected logo options. I really love the final logo we settled on (it was my personal favorite as well as the client’s) and the strong visual brand that we formed. As I’m sure you can gather, we want the logo and brand to feel sophisticated, glamorous and evoke the feeling of jewels and radiance. I’ll be moving on to the web design portion of the project soon and I’m looking forward to sharing everything once the project is finished, but here is a preview of one of the alternate marks.


Nick got a few sets of VSCO Film and I finally got to try it out with some photos we took in Central Park a few weeks ago. I’ve been using Lightroom for the past year for photo editing but VSCO Film + Lightroom = Mind Blown.


I recently look a marbling class with Ilana Kohn (which I’m completely obsessed with, by the way) and her name sounded so familiar but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I realized she designs and owns her own awesome fashion line that I had seen floating around the internets before. I’m really digging her jumpsuits and dresses. And those black and white pants look so incredibly comfortable. Spring just can’t come soon enough!

When I was in Santiago, I went to go see one of Pablo Neruda’s houses, La Chascona. The place was amazing. He loved art, the ocean, architecture, collecting odds and ends, and being inspired by his surroundings. He was friends with artists, writers, politicians and a lot of really interesting people. Entertaining his interesting friends was his M.O. and he even had 2 entirely separate bars in his house—is that brilliant or what? He believed that to do interesting work, one needed to be surrounded by interesting people and interesting things. His house is filled with his shell, glass and furniture collections, works of art from his famous artist friends, and tokens from each of the places he has visited throughout his life. Truly a labor of love.

The idea of surrounding yourself with interesting people and things really resonated with me throughout the trip. I thought about how the objects and people we surround ourselves with effect our everyday and creatives lives. While I’m all for the home goods, furniture and trinkets that we get from the stores that we tend to frequent, I dream of one day having a house that’s filled with objects from my travels, objects that have a story, and special objects given to me by my friends. I want my home to be a place that inspires conversation, thought, and interesting creative work. I know it’s a no brainer that most people tend to surround themselves with things they like and things that have meaning, but I want to start doing it with more intention. My favorite things from Chile are probably the rocks I picked up (for free) that came from each of the different hikes that we took. And the ceramic pig because he’s making the McKayla face— he’s irresistible.




I’m currently digging these web designs. I know a lot of web design is getting flatter, simpler, and becoming more templatized, but my favorite sites and the work that delights me the most tends to be web design that has print design-like sensibilities. I think pieces of any of the 3 designs above would make kick ass posters or postcards. It’s a sign of a really great identity and brand when the design elements can have such a strong presence in all mediums.

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