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Shipping Up to Boston


I went to Boston this past weekend to visit friends and, you know, be super American. I had never been to Boston before, and it sure is a cool city. There is wonderful architecture everywhere, and I loved the red brick that seemed to be on every other building. Also, Boston is so CLEAN! I’m always impressed when big cities are clean—espeically coming from New York.

We managed to do a variety of stuff including walk the entire Freedom trail. People we spoke to afterwards were impressed because apparently a lot of people get sidetracked on the trail and end up sneaking into a bar. I can’t say we weren’t tempted. I think we deserve an extra pat on the back because we did the entire trail on the hottest day of the year. Crazy or impressive? You be the judge… We met a talkative ice cream man near the end of the trail (and obviously bought big Rocket Popsicles and Ninja Turtle ice cream that had gum balls for eyes), and he was telling us stories about Charlestown and how much of the the movie, The Town, was totally true. He grew up knowing a lot of people who robbed banks and some of his friends are still doing jail time for it. Cray.

We also visited the Boston Public Library (my favorite part of the trip), went to the Sam Adams Brewery (free tastings!), and went to Cambridge and Harvard (don’t kill me, but I was slightly underwhelmed by the campus). There was, of course, a lot of eating, music, drinking and laugher sprinkled in. Yay for Boston and yay for surviving the heat.


  1. Sonia Mehta says: July 11, 20131:10 pm

    Love this post!! =)

  2. Billie Denise says: July 16, 201310:14 pm

    Love this post on Boston… This is my home and you made it look beautiful!

    • Rashi says: July 17, 201310:12 am

      Hi Billie! I’m so glad I was able to do your hometown photographic justice. It really is a wonderful city.

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