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The Makers Project

The Makers Project, a wonderful project by photographer Jennifer Causey, chronicles the work and process of independent artisans—”makers” such as florists, jewelry designers, chocolatier, distillers, who are truly passionate about their craft and push the boundries in their fields. Causey spent time with each artisan in their studio, took photographs, and interviewed everyone about their work.

I love craft and love when people have perfected their craft through materials and methods, so I find this project particularly compelling. Many of the craftsmen are Brooklyn based and I am familiar with a few of them such as Mast Brothers Chocolate (yummy chocolate, beautiful packaging), Saipua and Amy Merrick (both turn flowers into works of art), Best Made Company (you might know them for their awesome hipster-esque axes and badges), and Sunday Suppers (I’m still waiting to throw down on a ticket to one of these dinners…it shall happen soon). Through this project, I discovered a bunch of other insanely talented artisans I hope to become more familiar with, shop from, and visit.

Causey has a book called “Brooklyn Makers” that features some of the best craftsmen from Brooklyn, but I would love to see this series expand to include makers from San Francisco, Austin, Portland and other cities in the country with strong creative communities. It’s truly inspiring stuff.


All photography by Jen Causey


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