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Up, Down, In Between: The Met


This weekend included a trip to the rooftop bar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We arrived right in time to see the sun set over Central Park and the New York skyline. The Met always commissions an exhibit or installation for the rooftop, and the current installation is by Imran Qureshi. It depicts a stunning organic pattern emerging from spills of red paint.  I tried to be fancy by getting a drink made out of rose syrup, but the drink was way too sweet for my liking. We decided the sweetness of the drink was enough justification to go back to the bartender and ask for more Vodka, so it all worked out in the end. Have a great week!



  1. Callie says: October 14, 20132:40 pm

    The Met is m y list of places to see next time I’m in NYC. The rooftop alone seems worthy of a visit!

    • Rashi says: October 14, 20134:35 pm

      Totally! The Met is a breathtaking place. Let me know when you are in NY—I love taking visitors to the Met :)

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