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Up, Down, In Between

I went to Portugal with two friends a few years ago and I had a mini photo disaster that went something like this:

1. Bought a new lens for my camera that I was stoked to use in Portugal.
2. Realized on the way to the airport that I forgot to pack said lens and my camera battery.
3. Got mad at how absent minded I was.
4. Got sad that I couldn’t take pictures in Portugal.
5. Shamelessly called mom and asked her to get my battery and bring it to SFO before my flight took off. (Distance from home to SFO = 55 miles)
6. She laughed and said no.
7. Repeated steps 3 and 4
8. On a whim, popped into to SFO store and bought a bunch of disposable cameras.
9. Spent most of the flight to Portugal switching back and forth between being terrifed of the turbulence and thinking about how to use the disposable cameras in a creative way.

Somewhere over the Atlantic, ‘Up, Down, In Between’ was born. In Portugal, three times a day, every three or so hours, I took three photos– one directly above me (up), one straight below me (down), and one directly in front of me (in between). After I came home and developed the photos, I arranged them in a triptych, in descending order. I loved using a disposable camera because I couldn’t fuss with any of the shots after I took them- I only had one chance to get it right. It was really fun and I was happy, and sometimes surprised, with the way the photos turned out. Three cheers to being absent minded!

You can take a look at the whole set here.

P.S. Flicker doesn’t exactly lend itself to easy viewing for these super vertical photos. Anyone have any ideas on how to better display them on the web? 



  1. Julie says: December 26, 20129:31 am

    I’ve been thinking of photo projects to do for the coming year, and yours is such a simple but amazing idea! I love your results and am definitely going to have to keep this in mind!

    • Rashi says: December 26, 20122:38 pm

      Thanks Julie!

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