Bucket of Squash

Venice Beach at Sunset


I spent New Years in Los Angeles, my old stomping grounds. I spent 7 years in Los Angeles prior to moving to New York and I still have a big time soft spot for the City of Angels. My friends and I spent a day in Venice going to Gjelinas for brunch (one of the best restaurants in LA), walking around Abbot Kinney (my favorite street in LA), and going to Venice Beach. Above are a few shots I captured of Venice beach at sunset— the evening was perfection.


  1. Angel Y. says: January 14, 201312:50 pm

    Beautiful shots! I haven’t been to Venice (yet) but it’s nice to see the beauty in it.

    • Rashi says: January 14, 20132:45 pm

      Thanks Angel

  2. Kunal P. says: January 15, 20133:53 pm

    Awesome pictures! You and your friends seem very fun!

  3. shovelly says: January 29, 20135:45 pm

    love the shots – that day was perfection :) and so is the venice image!

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