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Write & Wrap— Part 2


Jen and I are back with the second part of Write and Wrap (Part 1, in case you missed it). This round, I’m featuring the holiday card Jen designed and the wrapped gift I created based off her card. It was coincidental that we both used snowflakes as the theme for our cards…great minds, obviously.

When I saw Jen’s card, I knew I wanted to play off the snow theme in my wrapping. I also wanted to bring in a few contrasting colors that would look good with the colors of her card. I decided to stamp white snowballs on brown Kraft paper. Kraft paper is often my go-to for gift wrapping because of how versatile and how craft conducive it is (aptly named Kraft paper, clearly.)

I used a sponge, but you can really use anything that will give you a nice circular shape. A simple salmon ribbon adds a nice pop of color and a few sprigs off greenery give the gift a holiday feel and match the color of Jen’s type nicely.

You can grab a free download of Jen’s card right here. Kraft away my friends, kraft away!



  1. Liz says: December 7, 20121:48 pm

    Ooh, I LOVE your gift wrapping! Totally want to try it out this year for my loved ones.

    • Rashi says: December 8, 20126:34 pm

      Thanks Liz- send over photos if you end up doing this!

  2. Michele Westrick (Lovely Notes) says: December 13, 201210:21 am

    Love this wrapping. So festive and sweet!

    • Rashi says: December 13, 201211:00 am

      Thanks Michele!

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